Everyone should benefit from Israeli technology

Israel Technology Solutions was founded to assist in globally spreading the entrepreneurial spirit, technological innovation, and out-of-the-box thinking that is so typical of Israel.

The organization’s founding team leverage their deep connections within Israel’s technology and startup ecosystem, cultivated over decades in venture capital, mentoring, and business development, to assist cities, regions, and countries in attracting Israeli technology, talent, and spirit and in developing similarly advanced technology ecosystems in their own back yard.

Why Israel?

A global leader in technology and innovation, Israel has transformed itself from a developing country to the Start-up Nation and an example of how to generate innovation. Despite Israel’s size and lack of natural resources it has been able to harness its technology talent pool to maximize its potential.


Active startups


Multinational companies


Venture Investors


Startup hubs

Our core specialties

We assist in the creation of mutually beneficial collaborations between Israeli technology entrepreneurs and non-Israeli entities


We find technologies (from idea to maturity) that foster international collaborations


We originate, accelerate, incubate, and scale companies based on innovative new technology


We develop proprietary innovation workshops and learning programs to promote Israeli knowledge

Our assets

As an integral part of the Israeli ecosystem of innovation, the Israel Technology Solutions team has created a unique asset-base of connection, capabilities, knowledge, and experience. Our methodologies enable us to leverage our unique capabilities and assets to create true value on a national scale to our partners and clients.




Using our proprietary network, we are able to reach anyone in Israel from:

Industry sector
Private sector
Academic world
Government offices
Municipal leadership

Our partners and their team cover all aspects of innovation, including technology, productization, business, funding, and process management.

Israel Technology Solutions’ team has worked hands-on with over 500 startups, 1,000’s of entrepreneurs, 10’s of VCs, accelerators, incubators, and global corporation. We can safely say that between us, we have “been there, done that”

Bridging Worlds

Our connections span beyond Israel. Our team is an active collaboration bridge to people, organizations, and companies in Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, USA, and Taiwan.

We are able to bridge across language and culture to create successful and mutually beneficial ties based on strategic research and technological innovation.

Our team

Israel Technology Solutions’ founding members represent unparalleled capabilities and connections within the Israeli startup and technology ecosystem. The founders have assembled a team of advisors and partners that enable them to achieves results faster, better, and more effectively then any other such organization in Israel


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